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Poker Book Reviews

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Poker Books

Doyle Brunson Books
Reviews of Doyle Brunson books including Poker Wisdom of a Champion.

David Sklansky Books
Sklansky has written numerous books and some of them, including Theory of Poker are reviewed on our site.

Dan Harrington Books
Considered by many to be the best No Limit Holdem books available, Harrington's books are reviewed by some of our writers.

Mastering No-Limit Hold'em
Russel Fox & Scott T. Harker collaborated on this comprehensive guide about the game of No-Limit Holdem. The review states that readers should have a basic grasp of the concepts of No-Limit Texas Hold'em before reading.

Shuffle Up and Deal
Written by Mike Sexton, a must have for fans of the World Poker Tour. A book about the basics of No Limit that references episodes of the WPT television programs.

Pizza, Pasta and Poker
Poker player Vince Burgio tells the story of how he became a professional poker player. The book takes a look at his life from childhood to the "poker boom."

Inside Poker: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
A review of Vince Burgio's book of compilations from his articles from Cardplayer Magazine.

The Making of a Poker Player
Matt Matros wrote this novel subtitled, How an Ivy math geek learned to play championship poker.

The Picasso Flop
The book was written by Vince Van Patten & Robert J. Randisi. Our review by Will Reich was born out of a discussion on Rec Gambling Poker.

Poker 24/7: 35 Years As A Poker Pro
Stewart Reuben is the author of this book. According to the review by Will Reich, this is not a "How to" book.

Winning Low Limit Hold'em
Everyone's favorite PokerStars Host, Lee Jones, wrote this book for low limit Holdem players.

Caro's Book of Poker Tells
A review of one of the most popular poker books ever. This classic book by Mike Caro has valuable information even if the pictures are "dated."

Poker Nation
Written by Andy Bellin, this book is a journey into the life of a professional poker player. Scott Buono gives this book a positive review.

Any seasoned poker player will tell you how important it is to keep expanding your knowledge of the game and staying on top of what your opponents might be learning. If you are serious about making money at poker, it is essential to take advice from some of the game's greatest and most experienced players. Luckily, many of them have been willing to indulge us with their wisdom that sometimes took them centuries to figure out on their own. We have reviewed a wide variety of poker material, including books by Harrington, Sklansky and others. With the wealth of knowledge available about poker today, it would be a waste to let these resources go untapped.

Because there are so many poker books out there today, it can be confusing to know which are worth a read. To aid you in your quest for building a poker library, we have reviewed many of the most popular titles. Check out the list above for comprehensive poker book reviews on writings by some of the game's most knowledgeable players and strategists. Check back often because we are constantly expanding our collection of poker book reviews.

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