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How to Play Omaha
The absolute beginners guide to playing Omaha poker.

Pot Limit Omaha
Jesse Knight discusses the poker game, Pot Limit Omaha and why the action of the game is so appealing to players.

Omaha Hi-Low Basics
The basics of one variation of Omaha Poker, this article includes simple rules and an overview of hand selection of the poker game Omaha High Low.

Omaha High-Low Hand Selection
Hand selection in Omaha Hi/Low is one of the most important factors for a successful player. This in-depth article helps new players learn what types of hands should be played in the game.

Scooping in Omaha Hi/Low
An article on one of the key concepts of the poker game, Omaha Hi-Low. It describes what scooping the pot means and also discusses how important it is in becoming a winning player.

Omaha Poker Tips: Transitioning from Hold'em to Omaha
A guide for Hold'em players who are making the transition into Omaha. This article offers a few key concepts that will help a novice Omaha player adapt to the rules and strategies that differ from Hold'em.

Learn Omaha High/Low: Transitioning from Hold'em to Omaha Hi/Low
Jesse Knight discusses how Holdem players can make the transition into Omaha Hi/Lo and lets the player know how to make the process easier by understanding important concepts written about in this article.

Omaha PokerThere are several variations of Omaha poker games including No Limit, Limit, and Pot Limit (commonly referred to as PLO). Omaha is typically played one of two ways: as either a High only game (usually the case in No Limit or Pot Limit) or a Hi/Low game (almost exclusively played as a Limit game). In Omaha High, the pot is awarded to the best five card poker hand, while in Hi/Low, the pot can be split or "scooped" depending on the board and the hands in play. If you have never played a Hi/Low game before, you should definitely check out the "Omaha Hi-Low Basics" article linked above.

If you are brand new to the game of Omaha, your first read should be the "How to Play Omaha" article linked at the top of the page. This will help teach you the basics of the game, which can be applied to any type of Omaha game including PLO and Omaha Hi/Low. Once you have a solid understanding of how the game works, there are plenty of Omaha poker strategy articles that are sure to help you become a successful player.

If you are broadening your horizons by learning Omaha strategy, but are already familiar with Texas Hold'em, the article "Transitioning from Hold'em to Omaha" is a must read. While several important concepts will spill over from Hold'em, Omaha is a whole new beast and can be confusing to those who are making the switch.

If you are looking for more action then your regular Stud or Hold'em game has been offering, PLO is a great choice for you. The article on Pot Limit Omaha explains why the game can be so profitably and why action junkies should look no further.

Most of the Omaha poker strategy articles in this section have been written by players who have made a living by specifically focusing on Omaha, fueled by their love for the game and it's profitability. Hopefully, by reading the articles they have written, you will start to understand why Omaha poker games are a passion for so many.

Keep checking this Omaha strategy section as you work on your game, as we are continuously adding more content to help you along the way.

Omaha Strategy

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