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Texas Hold em Basics
This article explains several key concepts that will improve your Texas Hold’em game, including how to put your opponents on hands, how to prepare yourself for different scenarios, and how to utilize information at the table.

Play Texas Holdem Online
Pros and cons to playing poker online, as well as some basic Texas Hold'em poker strategy to help you win money online are offered in this article.

Playing Pocket Pairs in No Limit Holdem
David Huber offers Texas Holdem tips on playing some of Hold’em’s trickiest hands by explaining how to win large pots and lose small pots with pocket pairs.

Basic Tight Aggressive TAG Poker Strategy

The tight-aggressive style of play is defined and discussed in this article. The pros and cons of playing a TAG style are explained, as well as how TAGs are exploited in Hold’em.

Basic Loose Aggressive LAG Poker Strategy
This article discusses the loose-aggressive style of playing Texas Hold’em. David Huber offers some important advice to any player who wants to attempt a LAG style of playing.

Poker Cash Games
In this article, Halli Pinson first explains the differences between Texas Hold’em tournaments and cash games, and then discusses the pros and cons of playing each. She also offers a few key concepts to becoming a successful cash game player.

Poker Success: Three Traits of a Successful Poker Player
Successful poker players all have their own style, but three personality traits are typically common among them. Halli Pinson discusses these shared attributes in this article.

Calling on the River
Plugging a leak in some No Limit Hold'em players' games.

Texas Hold'em (commonly referred to as simply Hold’em) is easily the world’s most popular poker game. There are several variations of the game including Limit, Pot-Limit, Spread-Limit, and No-Limit. Hold’em became a household name after the popularization of the game in the movie “Rounders” and the ESPN coverage of the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event (won by PokerStars qualifier Chris Moneymaker).

The basic rules of the game are easy to learn. Each player is dealt two hole cards and there is an initial round of betting. The dealer then deals three community cards in the center of the table, called the Flop. These are called community cards, as they are for all the players involved in the hand to share. Another round of betting takes place after the Flop is dealt. The dealer then puts out another community card, called the Turn, and an additional betting round takes place. The fifth and final community card is dealt, called the River, and the last round of betting occurs. Once the betting is complete, the pot is awarded to the player holding the best five card poker hand. For a basic but comprehensive lesson on this game, see the article How to Play Texas Hold’em. If you are interested in reading Texas Hold'em poker strategy, there are plenty of Texas Hold'em tips articles linked above.

Hold’em is often referred to as “the thinking man’s game.” Although the basic rules of the game are simple, it is much more complex than it might originally seem. Three time world champion Johnny Moss once said “Hold’em is to stud and draw what chess is to checkers.” Because there are so many different layers to the game, you might often hear people say that Hold’em takes just a minute to learn and a lifetime to master. One can play the game for years and still learn something new with each session they play. Because Hold’em is fun, fast-paced and so easy to learn, it is a great place to start your poker journey (and is flooded with amateurs who consistently make mistakes for big money). However, becoming a great Hold’em player requires a great deal of focus, discipline and study. The Texas Hold'em poker strategy articles listed above are here to assist you along the way.

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