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by Shirley Rosario


Chip Stack
Stack - Depending on the context it’s used in, a stack is either 1/5 of a rack, or the entire amount of chips you have in front of you.

The entire amount of chips a player has on the table is called their "stack." It can consist of any number of chips. A player with a lot of chips would have a “big stack,” and a player with only a few chips would have a “short stack.”

In a no-limit game, the most important aspect of your stack is its size relative to that of the other players in the game. This is because size of your opponents’ stacks sets the bar as to how muck you can win or lose on any given hand.

In tournament play, the importance of the relationship between the size of your stack and that of your opponents is tantamount. If the cost of the blinds is high when compared to the size of your stack, you will be blinded of very quickly. In this situation, it is unwise to allow the cost of the blinds to whittle down your stack too far. You may have to take a stand with a less than premium hand, to avoid being blinded off.

Sometimes, a unit of twenty chips is also referred to as a stack. This is because a standard chip rack holds five stacks of twenty chips each (for a total of 100 chips). For this reason, a unit of twenty chips (of any denomination) is often called a stack. This is used primarily in the context of a live game. In tournament play, the term “stack” is exclusively used to describe a player’s entire chip holding.

Usage: Chip Stack, Stack Off, Stack of Chips, Stacked

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