Blind Off

Definition of Blinding Off - Blinded Off

by Shirley Rosario


Blind Off
Blind Off -
1. The process of continually taking someone’s blinds from their stack while they are away from the table.
2. The paying of blinds in a tournament without playing hands.

“Blinding off” is the process of posting someone’s blinds while they are not present at the table or active in the game. In a ring game this is only done at the player’s request. In some card rooms player may request their blinds be taken, by saying “Blind me off.” They do this if they are not sure if they will be back to the table in time for the big blind, and they do not want a missed blind button. Of course, if you are away from the table and your blinds are posted for you, your hand will be killed, and you will lose the blind money. It is usually a better idea to take a missed blind button and post make up blinds when you return to the game. At least you get action on your blind this way. Some card rooms do not permit blinding off and require that you be in your seat to be dealt in.

In most poker clubs, you will not be dealt in if you are away from the table. A few poker clubs require the dealer to deal you in if you have paid your blinds. In some of these clubs you will be eligible to participate in a jackpot as long as you were dealt in, even if you were away from the table. This is relatively rare, but blinding off in this situation may allow you to retain jackpot eligibility that you would lose if you took a missed blind button. Even if blinding off will make you eligible for a jackpot, it may be a bad idea. The cost you incur (the lost blinds) will very likely be much higher than the benefit you receive (the amount of a jackpot table share times the probability of it hitting).

In tournament play, the constantly increasing blinds will erode your stack if you are not able to accumulate chips. If you are unable to find a playable situation, and your stack begins to significantly erode, you are “blinding off” your stack. As your stack decreases, your leverage in the game and your equity in the prize pool also decrease. A certain amount of blinding off is inevitable, but blinding off too many chips is terminal. At some point you need to take a stand before this happens. This means either raising to steal the blinds with a less than optimal hand or defending your blinds with a less than optimal hand.

Usage: Blind Off Your Stack, Blinded Off

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