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Definition of a Crying Call

by Jesse Knight


Crying Call
Crying Call - A borderline call.

A crying call is a call that can barely be justified, if at all. Often the person who makes a crying call believes that they are behind in the hand, but calls because they believe that they might have implied odds to do so. When the pot is large, the implied odds for long shot draws are much stronger. For this reason you will see a lot of crying calls made on big pots.

It is also common for a player who has raised with a big unpaired hand (like AK or AQ), to make a crying call when they miss the flop. For example, player “A” limps into the pot. Player “B” raises with A♣ K♥. Player “A” calls and the flop comes J♣ 9♦ 6♦. Player “A” bets into the preflop raise and player “B” makes a “crying call.” Player “B” knows that he is probably losing at this point, or if his Ace high is still good, he may be an underdog to player “A’s” draw. His hope is to catch an Ace or a King on the turn, and hope it holds up on the river. This situation is representative of a classic crying call.

Crying calls are also commonly made after the board indicates a draw may have been completed. Consider the following situation. The game is Limit Holdem and the pot has been capped on every round. There were two spades on the flop, the board does not pair, and the river brings a spade. A player without a flush may make a crying call here. In all probability a flush will win the pot, but the pot is very large, and a call may be justified.

Sometimes, players that make crying calls are on the fence about whether or not to call. Quite often, they consider mucking their hands but can not quite bring themselves to do it for whatever reason. Usually, you can eliminate this player with one more bet on the next betting round. The best poker players excel at knowing when they can do this. This play works better in middle limit and higher games, or in games where the majority of players know where the muck is. If you are bluffing, or stealing with a marginal hand it will not work as well in lower limit games, because in these games players will often call down with very weak hands.

Usage: Crying and Calling, Made a Crying Call

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