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Cap It - Last Raise

by Jesse Knight


Cap Bet
Cap -
1. A limit to the number of bets or amount of betting for a given situation.
2. A limit to a buy-in for a game.
3. A maximum payout for a jackpot or other promotion.

A cap is the limit of allowable bets and raises on a particular betting round. In most limit games, the cap is set at either a bet and three raises or a bet and four raises per betting round. Sometimes a Lowball game will allow a bet and five raises. The term is used as both a noun and a verb. The final allowable bet on a particular betting round is “the cap.” When a player puts in the last raise that results in a cap, they may say “cap it.” Other ways of saying “cap it” include “put a lid on it,” or “cappuccino.”

A cap can also refer to a maximum buy-in limit for a restricted buy in game. Games that have a cap on the buy in are typically No-Limit games. Because a player can bet any amount up to all of their chips at any time, having a lot of chips in play really makes the game a lot bigger. Card rooms implement buy-in caps to control the size of the game. This protects the players in the game who do not want or cannot afford to play at very high limits. It also keeps the players from going broke too quickly and keeps the game from breaking up.

Sometimes, a casino will limit the amount a player can win in a jackpot or other promotion. Often these promotions are player funded through a per hand drop. A cap is put in place to keep one player from winning too high of a percentage of the player funded pool. This gives the other players ample chance to win, evens out the payments, and allows the jackpot or promotion to run for a longer period of time.

Usage: Four Bets is the Cap, Cap It, Jackpot Cap is $100,000, Put a Cap On It

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