Cowboys Poker Definition

Nickname for Pocket Kings

by Jesse Knight


Poker Cowboys
Cowboys – A nickname for pocket Kings.

Many, if not all, of the starting hands in Hold’em have nicknames. Some hands even have multiple different nicknames. Some of the nicknames are commonly used and recognized by most players. “Pocket rockets” (Aces) is an example of a frequently used and commonly recognized nickname. Some nicknames, for example, “Oldsmobile” (9,8), are more obscure and are only recognized by experienced players. Still other nicknames are very obscure or obsolete and are hardly ever used. An example of this type of nickname would be “Jack Sikma” (J,6). It is a good idea to commit as many different nicknames to memory as possible, because you may be able to pick up tells based on this knowledge.

“Cowboys” is perhaps the most common nickname for pocket Kings. Other nicknames for pocket Kings include “King Kong,” and “Ace Magnets.” They are called “Ace Magnets” by pessimists, because if an ace flops while you are holding them you will often be beat. So the implication is that they somehow draw aces to the board. “Cowboys” are a very strong hand to be dealt in a Hold’em game, second only to pocket Aces. You are 220 to 1 against being dealt “Cowboys,” which means that on average you will receive them once out of every 221 starting hands.

Usage: Cowboys in the Hole, I Was Dealt Cowboys

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