Poker Tell

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by Shirley Rosario


Poker Tell
Tell - A clue or hint that a player gives about their hand.

A tell is anything that is a detectable change in a player’s behavior that gives clues to their hand. There are tells that are verbal and some that are non-verbal. Regardless of what type it is, if a player understands how to interpret the tell, he is going to make more money than if he doesn’t understand.

Some tells are common and exist in many players. A classic example of a common tell is the strong means weak and weak means strong tell. If a player acts disinterested in a hand or if is trying to chat with the person next to him while the hand is in progress, he is often strong. The opposite is also true. If a player acts strong when playing a hand and pushes his chips into the middle of the pot with brute force, he is often weak.

Tells can also be unique to certain individuals. Sometimes a player might do something on a consistent basis that lets his opponents know that he has a strong or weak hand. Say for example, one player bit the side of his lip on two hands when he had the nuts and then did it again a while later when he was involved in another big pot. It would serve his opponent well to notice that this tell was his unique tell of showing that he had a huge hand.

Online poker tells are common too, but harder to recognize than those where you are sitting face to face with an opponent. The bottom line is that all players should pay attention to what is going on at the table and notice all the various patterns.

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