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Complete in Stud - Completing the Bet

by Jesse Knight


Complete the Bet
Completion – The act of increasing the minimum bring in to the full size of the structured bet. Used primarily in stud games.

Sometimes, in a limit game with structured betting, a player with a forced bet may have the option of either betting the limit (completing), or betting a smaller amount. Most commonly, this option is available for the “bring-in” bet in a stud game. In this type of game, the player with the most disadvantageous door card after the initial deal (on third street) is required to start the betting. Generally, this player will have a forced bet, but they will have the option to bring it in for the minimum amount or, alternatively, they may “complete” the bet by betting the limit. This type of bet is called a “completion.” If the player with the forced bring in chooses to bet the smaller amount, any player acting after them may complete the bet by simply increasing the wager to the full amount of the betting limit. In this case, although the wager has been increased, it is not considered a raise.

You may be wondering why an increased wager is not considered a raise The answer is relatively straightforward. The lower betting amount for the bring-in is typically a fraction of the full structured bet. The completion amount is typically the full amount of the structured bet for that betting round. For instance, a $3/$6 Seven Card Stud game might employ a $1 minimum bring in with a $3 completion. So, the limit of the first bet for the first betting round is $3. You can see that a completion is a bet and not a raise.

Usage: Complete the Bet, Completing the Bet, Complete It

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