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Bring In
Bring-In - A forced bet at the start of a non-flop game, based upon having the lowest or highest up card.

Poker games which use antes often start the betting with a forced bet called a bring in. In most of these games, the player with the worst card must place the bring in wager. In a high only game like Seven Card Stud, the lowest card, often a deuce (ace is considered high), is forced to bring it in. In a Lowball game like Razz, the highest card, often a King (ace is considered low), is forced to bring it in. If two or more players have the same ranked up card, then the suit determines the bring-in. From lowest to highest, the suit ranks are: club, diamond, heart, spade.

The player who is required to bring it in may either do so for the minimum amount, or they may complete the bet. The minimum amount is typically a fraction of the lower betting limit, while the completion is typically the full amount of the lower betting limit. For instance, a $3/$6 Seven Card Stud game may require a bring in of $1 and a completion of $3.

A players bring in bet is live. This means that it counts toward the amount required to call, if there is a subsequent completion or raise. Consider the following $3/$6 Seven Card Stud scenario. Player A brings it in for $1 and Player B completes the bet to $3. The bring in counts toward the cost of the call for player A, so it costs player A an additional $2 to call. Similarly, if player A were to bring it in for $3 (a completion), and player B were to raise to $6, it would cost player A an additional $3 to call.

Usage: Low Card Bring In, High Card Bring In, Bring It In

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