Bump Poker Meaning

Bump it Up

by Jesse Knight


Bump It Up
Bump -Slang for “Raise.”

There are many ways to say “raise” in a poker game. Some examples include pump it, pop it, and jack it up. The poker term bump is more way poker players say raise. It is not heard often, but often enough to make note of it.

Raising is an integral part of poker. It is used to manipulate the pots and the situation. For example, if four players limp into a pot and the button has position he might raise to build a bigger pot. In another situation, a player might raise on the turn in second position to drive out the weak draws behind him. No matter what the reason, raising usually accomplishes gaining information on an opponent.

Raising is arguably the most powerful action available to poker players. Player’s facing a raise must often decide if they are facing a bluff or a very strong hand: Choosing correctly or incorrectly will bear the extra cost or reap the extra rewards of the raise depending on whether they face the nuts or pick off a bluff respectively. Some players (i.e. – maniacs) will bump it up often and with very poor cards in the hope of getting action when they do make very strong hands. Consistent raising by a player makes it more difficult to read them.

Although raising (or bumping it up) is necessary to be a great well-rounded player, players must find a balance with it just as they should with any other move they might consider.

See the definition of raise for a more detailed explanation.

Usage: Bump Up The Bet, Bump It Up

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