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David HuberDavid Huber (who goes by the online name of “dhubermex”) grew up in a small town in central Texas and lived alone with his father throughout his childhood. Due to the circumstances (David’s father was blind and in a wheelchair), David had already been handed the responsibility of giving his father insulin injections, balancing checkbooks, and signing his own report cards at the age of 6. Thanks to Braile dominoes, board games and playing cards, David was introduced to mathematics and competition in a way that would serve him well when he caught the poker bug in 2004.

Known as one of the nicest personalities in online poker, David balances his job as a full-time online poker player with his part-time jobs as a radio announcer and translator/interpreter in Mexico City, where he has resided for almost 10 years. Often putting in over 70 hours per week, he enjoys spending weekend afternoons with his wife and twin sons, Joshua & Kevin.

David’s daily routine consists of multi-tabling $60-$114 Turbo SnG's on one or more of the major poker sites, and he has put up winning numbers on each site since working his way up from micro stakes. Seeing over 60,000 hands each month has allowed him to learn and improve at a much faster pace than live poker would allow.

After getting introduced to online poker in August of 2004, David spent the first six months gradually becoming a break-even; and eventually a winning player. The three sites he credits the most for his success are: Poker Babes, run by Shirley Rosario, Play Winning Poker, run by Steve Badger, and Pocket Fives, a leading site in the promotion on online poker and online poker players.

David also hosts the Podcast, which can be heard on a weekly basis at Most shows feature interviews with online poker’s best players. Some of the big names who David has interviewed as guests on the Podcast include Greg ‘Fossilman’ Raymer, Eric ‘Sheets’ Haber, and Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA).

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