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by Shirley Rosario


Toke - A tip, usually given to the dealer after winning a pot.

Tipping is a common practice in poker rooms. We tip the dealers when we win a pot, we tip the porters when they bring us our coffee, we tip the runners when they exchange our cash for chips, and we tip the floormen when they go the extra mile. Another word for "tip" is "toke".

Giving the dealer a toke after winning a pot is appreciated by them especially considering they make a small hourly rate for doing their job. The standard toke for a dealer is one dollar for every hand that you win, but that varies depending on the size of the game that is being played and the size of the pot that is won.

During tournaments, players almost never tip the staff unless they make it into the money. Once a player is eliminated from a tournament and is paid their winnings, then the player often leaves a tip for the floor-staff including the dealers and tournament directors. The industry standard for tournament tips is 2-3% of your winnings in that event. Many tournaments deduct 2 or 3 percent directly from the prize pool for the tournament staff so there is no need for further tipping.

Online poker is extremely popular and has its advantages and disadvantages to playing in brick and mortar casinos. One advantage that a lot of players cite is the fact that there is nobody to tip when playing and that means more money in their pocket.

Usage: Dealer Toke, Toke the Dealer, Toke the Staff, Tournament Tokes

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