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Online Poker Play Money Games
Play Money Games - Free buy in poker games offered by online card rooms, which typically do not award any cash or prizes.

Online poker rooms are keenly aware of the need to make their poker rooms accessible to new and inexperienced players. They understand that new players might not be comfortable playing for real money right away, especially if they feel like they are overmatched and are destined to lose. Host sites recognize that it is everyoneís best interest if they provide a welcoming, low pressure atmosphere and allow players to acclimate to the poker world at their own pace, rather than pressure new players to deposit and hustle them into games. The idea is that if you simply allow players to play where they are comfortable, they will eventually be comfortable enough to deposit and play for real money. For this reason, all of the major online poker sites offer play money games and tournaments in addition to the real money games and tournaments.

The play money games are separated from the real money games in the poker lobby. Everyone who creates an account, which it is free to set up, has access to the games. Some sites require you to establish a real money account if you intend to play for cash rather than, or in addition to, play money. Even if you are not sure if you intend to play for real money in the future, it is probably a good idea to set up a real money account. Typically, a deposit is not required to set up a real money account, and there may be several benefits for doing so. Real money players are eligible for deposit bonuses and other promotions, and may even be eligible for certain house sponsored freeroll tournaments that play money players canít access. Real money players have access to all of the benefits the site provides, and these benefits can increase and be very substantial depending upon your level of play. Since no deposit is required, and there is no pressure to make one, it makes sense to make a real money account, even if you are a brand new player who has never played for money before.

If you are new to online poker, the play money games are an excellent place to start out. You can get your feet wet, and begin to absorb the cultural experience that is online poker, without any financial risk. Some players just want to play for fun and never want to take any financial risk. The play money games are an excellent option for these players as well. These games can be either a stepping stone to bigger and better things, or else they can just be a place for people who want the entertainment of a poker game, but do not actually want to gamble real money.

Play money games are an effective learning tool, but they have a major drawback. Because nobody is actually putting any money at risk when they put chips into the pot, the game play is not really authentic. Players tend to call, chase, and takes risks with their chips that they should not take, because there is no financial incentive for optimal play. This ruins the purity of the game, if only by a matter of degree. People just donít behave the same when they are risking chips with no value, as they do when they are risking actual cash. If you are making the transition from play money games to real money games, you should be aware of this. Most players are much more careful with their chips when they are worth something. You should be too. Transitioning from play money tables to the real money games is designed to be a smooth and easy process. There are even a large number of micro limit games available where players bet only a few pennies at a time. Most players have no trouble at all transitioning from play money to cash games, but you should be aware that, when money becomes involved, the environment becomes much more competitive.

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