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Poker Live One
Live One - A player whose action is considered live.

When you check, bet, call, raise or fold, it is referred to as “acting” on your hand. A poker player’s unique method of betting, calling, raising and folding, is referred to in general as their “action.” A player’s action can be described as either “live” or “dead” depending upon how frequently they bet or raise compared to how frequently they check and fold. A player who frequent checks and folds, and raises infrequently, would have their action described as “dead,” or “no action.” On the other hand, a player who frequently bets and raises and rarely folds would have his action described as “live.” In addition to a player’s action being described as either “live” or “dead,” the player’s themselves may also be described in this way. A player with live action is often referred to as a “live one,” or an “action player.”

Similarly, players frequently describe an opponent’s style of play as being either loose or tight. A loose player is one who is frequently involved in hands, often betting calling or raising. A tight player is one who frequently checks and mucks, and only raises premium hands.

The term “live one” is frequently used by tight, solid players, to describe a player who plays too many hands. From a solid player’s prospective, a live one is someone that you can make money from because their style of play naturally puts them at a disadvantage. Good players, who are often called “sharks,” seek out the live ones to play against, as they are generally regard them as easy targets. Of course, most players realize this, and some regard being called a “live one” offensive.

Of course, not all players feel that way. Many live ones know that they have a loose style of play and that they give good action, and often they do not care if they are referred to as being live. Many players play poker primarily for entertainment rather than for profit. They enjoy playing more hands than they theoretically should, and are not overly concerned with their long term results. In fact, these players will often, half jokingly, call themselves the “live one.” Many such players are even proud of this status. This type of player can really drive the action, and be the heart and soul of a great game, with a ton of action. If you are looking for games in which you can maximize your profit, this is the type of opponent you most want to play against.

While it is true that most winning players have a tight, aggressive style of play, you will find that a few winning players have a loose, aggressive style of play. These players push small edges, check-raise a lot, and bluff frequently. This type of player can be very tough to play against, partly because it is so difficult to put them on a hand. While it would be fair to call this type of player an “action player,” players who are focused on profit are clear to differentiate between “good action” and “bad action.” If a loose-aggressive player is tough, the other players consider his action “bad,” because they would not wish to play against him. It is a sign of respect for your game if other players consider your action bad. If, on the other hand, a loose player were to be considered an easy target, his action would be considered good. The term “live one” is typically used to describe a loose action player who is an easy target. It is generally not used to describe tough opponents, even if they do play more loosely than you.

Usage: Here Comes The Live One, The Live One Raised, Reraise From The Live One

See also: Maniac, and antonyms Rock and ABC player

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