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by Shirley Rosario


Poker Freeroll
1. When two players are tied (in rank), but only one player has a shot at winning the whole pot.
2. A type of tournament where the players don't pay an entry fee.

A freeroll is a situation where two or more players have the same poker hand at any given time, but then one player has an opportunity to improve on his hand while his opponent does not.

For example, one player holds the AK of clubs and his opponent has the AK of diamonds. Preflop, they are “tied” and neither player has any advantage over the other. However, the texture of the flop can change the situation significantly. In this case, if there are two clubs on the flop, the player holding the AK of clubs is now “freerolling”, meaning he cannot lose (the worse case scenario would be a split pot) yet he is the only one with a chance to complete his flush and win the hand if another club falls on the turn or river.

A “Freeroll” is also a type of tournament in which there is no buy-in (cost) for players to enter, but usually awards a cash prize. Professional poker player Chris Ferguson once challenged himself to build a bankroll from scratch. He started his quest by entering only freeroll events and then used some of the profits to build upon his bankroll and eventually turned it into more than $20k. Well known online player “Annette_15” also claims that she began her career by earning seed money from “freerolls”.

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