Double Gutshot

Double Gutshot Straight Draw - Double Gutter

by Shirley Rosario


Double Gutshot - Two inside straight draws on any given hand.

A double gutshot gives similar odds as an open end straight and is basically considered the same thing, but it is different.

An open end straight draw is if you are on a draw and four of the cards you are using are consecutive in rank. For example, if you held 98 in a Holdem game with a board of 762, you would be holding an open end straight draw. You do not have a made hand yet with the 98762, but four cards are consecutive and a fifth consecutive card would make a straight. In this case, any five or any ten would complete your straight.

An example of a double gutshot is a flop of 963 with a player holding 57. He does not have an open straight draw because four of the cards are not consecutive 97653, but if he hits a 4 or an 8, he will still make his straight.

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