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Explanation of Come Betting

by Jesse Knight


Come Bet
Come Bet – A bet on a draw, based on calculated implied odds, or on the belief that your key card will come.

Sometimes when poker players bet they have a complete hand, and sometimes they do not. If they are betting on a draw, it is called a “come bet,” or “betting on the come.” Some players may make “come” bets for superstitious reasons. They may bet because they feel lucky, or because they think that their key card is hot. These come bets are not necessarily based upon a computation of pot odds, although they can be.

Players who are not superstitious may also employ come bets, if they believe that they have implied odds to do so. Players will have implied odds to bet on the come in any situation where betting a draw will return more in the long run than checking it. Typically, implied odds to bet a draw are present when the draw is very strong (a straight flush draw for instance), or when the draw is receiving multi-way action. Consider the following: Player “A” is holding A♣ T♣ in the big blind. He takes the flop six ways (with five other players), and it comes J♣ 9♣ 8♠. As you can see, player “A” has flopped an open ended straight draw as well as a nut flush draw. This hand has a high probability of being completed (over 60% to complete either the flush or straight), even though it is still a draw at this point. Player “A” would be correct in assuming he had implied odds to bet in this situation, based upon the number of players in the pot and the high probability that he will complete his hand by the river. This means that a come bet can be the correct play so long as the implied odds justify it.

Usage: Bet on the Come, Place a Come Bet, Raise on the Come

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