Chip Dumping Definition

Dumping Chips in Poker Tournaments

by Jesse Knight


Chip Dumping
Chip Dumping - The intentional losing of chips to a friend or partner.

Chip dumping is a type of cheating that occurs most often in tournaments. It happens when a player with a lot of chips intentionally loses them to a friend or partner with relatively few chips. Usually, the dumper has some kind of vested interest in the dumpee. The idea behind chip dumping is that two players with healthy stacks can make more money in the long run than a big stack and a small stack.

Tournament chip dumping is just one of many ways that players who team up can gain an advantage over players who do not. Even if it is only done to help a friend survive in a tournament, it is highly unethical, and in violation of TDA rule #33 regarding ethical play. If caught, both players involved may be disqualified from the tournament. However, it is very difficult to prove chip dumping, because the dumper is usually mucking his hand unexposed before the showdown.

Chip dumping occurs in a different way when playing online poker, but it is rare. Sometimes online players dump chips when they are trying to avoid being caught doing something else. An example of this is credit card fraud: A player steals a credit card, makes a deposit on one account, then intentionally loses (dumps chips) to their real account.

Because chips can always be purchased in between hands, it is rare to see chip dumping in a live cash game. More commonly, you will see a milder form of collusion called soft playing. Soft playing occurs when a player strongly suspects that they have the best hand, but does not bet because they are up against a friend. This is also illegal, but the consequences are often less severe than those for chip dumping.

Usage: Disqualified for Chip Dumping, Dumped His Chips

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