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Catching Up - Catch Cards - Catching Perfect

by Jesse Knight


Catch Cards
Catch -
1. To receive a card that improves your hand.
2. To win with an underdog.

When you receive a card in a poker game, you have caught that card. While it is possible to catch any type of card, the term is commonly used to describe the catching of cards that either give you the lead or complete your hand. Consider the following Hold’em situation: Player “A” holds Ac Kc, player “B” holds Ad Qh, and the flop is Qc 8s 4h. Player “A” calls a bet and the Kh is delivered as the turn card. Player “A” has caught a king on the turn which has given him the lead. Similarly, if player “A” completes a flush draw he will have caught a flush; if he completes a straight he will have caught a straight, and so on.

When a player is running good and winning a high percentage of hands, it is referred to as “catching cards.” For instance, if a player were asked if he was ready to leave the card room for the day, he might respond “Not yet, because I’m catching cards right now.” This could even be shortened further to “I’m catching right now.” Sometimes, when your opponent is facing a bet, you will hear him wonder out loud “Did he [his opponent] catch?” Occasionally, when you catch a card and beat your opponent he will say “Nice catch.” This is like saying “Nice hand,” but with a dose of sarcasm added.

Sometimes a player will need to catch a specific card or a specific combination of cards in order to win the pot. This is called “catching perfect.” Consider the following Hold’em situation. Player “A” holds Kh Kd and player “B” holds 5h 5s. The flop is Ks Th 8d. The turn is the 5c and the river is the 5d. In this scenario, player “B” has “caught perfect.” This is because the only way for player “B” to win the pot was to catch the last two fives in the deck on subsequent cards. Similarly, a player who completes any runner runner draw or who catches a case card can be described as “catching perfect.” Occasionally, a two, three or four out draw will also be described as a perfect catch.

When someone catches perfect against you, you have taken a bad beat. There is no clear distinction as to what does and what does not constitute a perfect catch, just as there is no clear standard for what constitutes a bad beat. Instead, catching perfect is a subjective description of a completed longshot draw. In general, a player who has five outs or more should not be described as catching perfect, but instead might be described as simply “catching up.”

Usage: Catching Cards, Nice Catch, Catch a Full House, Catch on the River, Catch Up, Catch Perfect

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