Case Card

Catching a Case Card

by Jesse Knight


Case Card
Case Card -
1. The last remaining card in the deck of a particular value.
2. The last remaining one of your outs.

The case card is the last card of a specific type in the deck. It is often used to describe your (or your opponents) only out. Consider the following Hold’em situation. You are holding Ac Ah and your opponent is holding Ad Jd, the board reads Jc Jh 6d 2c, and the river is the As. You can see that you have caught a case card, the only card that can help you in this situation. This is referred to as “catching the case Ace.”

Sometimes when a case card hits it is painfully obvious, as in the example above. Sometimes you will never even know when a case card has hit the board. This is because you will never get to see many of the cards that are out of play in other players’ hands and in the burn. Whether or not is it apparent, if the last available card hits, it is considered the case card.

The term is predominantly used to describe the last card of a specific rank. For example, the last available Ace would be called the “case Ace.” The last available King would be called the “case King,” etc. Occasionally, it will be used to describe the last card of a specific suit needed to make a flush (the case diamond, spade, etc.). It is also rarely used to describe the only card available to complete a straight flush.

Usage: Caught the Case Card, Case Ace, Case Deuce, Case Heart, Case Club

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