Definition of Dealer's Box

by Jesse Knight


Dealer Box
Box -
1. The area of the table that the dealer deals from.
2. A dealer’s tray

Most oval poker tables have a special seating area for the dealer. There is a rectangular hole cut into the table for the dealer’s tray, and the seating is slightly indented so the dealer can reach all areas of the table. This seat is called “the box.” When a dealer is seated here and dealing, he is “in the box.”

A poker dealer carries a tray, which he uses to facilitate dealing. This tray is used to hold chips for selling or making change, cash from the selling of chips, buttons and cut cards, and a spare deck of cards. This tray, when it is inserted into the table, is also called “the box.” The dealer is required to keep the box neat and orderly at all times while the game is in progress. It is considered rude to the dealer and disruptive to the game to throw cards or tokes into this area, which the dealer is dealing from.

In some card rooms you will see that the box is fixed in the table and not brought to the game by the dealers. This is called a “table bank” and is used in card rooms where dealers do not carry their own banks. If a table bank is in use, the dealers must count it down when they push in. Since all dealers share the same bank, they must make sure the last dealer did not leave the community bank either short or over. Generally, if the bank is short, the offending dealer must make it up, and if the bank is over, the overage is dropped.

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