Add-On Poker Term

Tournament Add-Ons

by Jesse Knight


Tournament Add-On
Add-on –
1. A unit of tournament chips commonly purchased at the first break of rebuy tournaments.
2. The purchase of additional ring game chips on top of the chips you already have.

Re-buy tournaments often include an optional add-on at the end of the rebuy period. It is necessary to draw a distinction between re-buys and add-ons because the add-on will often be for a larger number of chips, for the same price as a re-buy. There is a good reason for this. Consider the following: You have $5,000 in tournament chips and the blinds are $25 and $50. You are in pretty good shape, right? Now, imagine the tournament has been going for some time, and that the blinds have increased to $2,000 and $4,000, but you still have only $5,000 in chips. You can see that there is an inverse relationship between the value of your stack (total chip amount) and the size of the blinds. Generally, the blinds will escalate several times during the length of the rebuy period, but the amount of chips you receive for the rebuy will stay constant. By the time the rebuy period is over, the value of the rebuy will have been significantly eroded. To compensate for this, and incentivize the purchase of the add-on after the blinds have escalated, more chips are often given for the add-on than for the rebuy.

There are four basic ways that a player can buy chips in a ring game: buy-in, rebuy, short buy, and add-on. An add-on occurs when a player adds chips to his existing stack. Generally, there will be rules governing the purchase of an add-on, which will vary from casino to casino. Some casinos will allow a player to add-on any amount at any time (between hands), and some casinos will place restrictions on add-ons.

Sometimes, when reading a tournament description you will see add-on abbreviated as “AO” or simply “A”. An example of a tournament description, with abbreviations would be : “$100 + $25 NLH 1R 1A.” This means: $100 buy-in plus $25 entry fee No-Limit Holdem with one rebuy and one add on.

Usage: Add-On at the Break, Add-On to Your Stack

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