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Act Weak - Act in Turn

by Jesse Knight


Act in Turn
Act -
1. To make a poker play when it is your turn. Plays include check, bet, call, raise, fold, bring in, complete, etc.
2. To feign strength or weakness.

When it is your turn in a round of betting, depending on the game you are playing, you will be required to do one of the following: check, bet, call, raise, fold, bring-in or complete the bet. To do one of these things is to “act” on your hand. When you act, the play you make is called “action.” Before you act, make sure that it is your turn. If you act out of turn, most likely, your play will not be valid. Some poker rooms will even restrict your options when it is your turn, if you act out of turn. If you act too soon, the floorman (low-level manager in charge of the poker game) may require you to leave the bet in the pot even if you wish to change your play by the time it is your turn to act. Sometimes, your opponent will even have the option of forcing you to leave your bet in the pot or forcing you to take it back. If you act too late, after the betting has passed you, most likely you will lose your chance to bet or raise, although you will still be allowed to continue on in the hand.

Sometimes a player will check a strong hand or bet a weak one, in an attempt to conceal the strength of their hand. This is often referred to as an “act,” an “acting job,” or a “Hollywood.” If you are going to represent a hand that you do not have, be careful not to over-act, as this is a tell that other players will easily be able to identify.

Usage: Act Out of Turn, Act Weak, Your Turn to Act, Act Strong, Act Like You Missed

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