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Definition of Poker Bankroll

by Shirley Rosario


Poker Bankroll
Bankroll – The total amount of funds a player has to play on Sometimes abbreviated as “BR.”

All players need to keep a certain amount of liquidity (cash available) to ensure that they are able to stay in action. The money that you keep for playing purposes only is called your “bankroll.” It is important that you keep your bankroll large enough to withstand the daily fluctuations from play, or you may end up broke. You also must avoid using the funds for other things like rent, living expenses, pit gambling, etc. If you play most every day, at minimum, you will need to keep 300-500 large bets on hand if you play limit poker. If you consider yourself a tight player a bankroll of 300 large bets will probably suffice, if you consider yourself aggressive, you will need at least 500 large bets. This means that if you are playing 3/6 Holdem, where the large bet is $6, you will need a bankroll of $1,800-$3,000. No Limit and Pot Limit bankroll requirements are a little different. These games have higher fluctuations, and their size is determined less by the size of the blinds, and more by how aggressive the players are and how many chips are in play. For these games, 100x-300x the minimum buy in would be an adequate bankroll, depending on your style of play and the texture of the game. If you are a recreational player who only plays occasionally, your bankroll requirements change significantly, because you are only financing one day’s play, rather than ongoing play. In this case your bankroll only needs to be a large as the amount you can stomach losing.

Obviously, you can only play as high as your bankroll allows. If you ran bad and were unable to replenish your bankroll, you would have to drop down in limits. Rather than do this, some players will turn to a backer, who will put up the bankroll (BR) in exchange for a percentage of profits. This is called getting “put in.” To get this type of backing, you usually must prove yourself as a winning player, worthy of the risk.

Usage: Poker Bankroll, Bankroll Management, Playing Above Your Bankroll

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